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CarlosX360 Co., Ltd.

Welcome to CarlosX360 Company Limited

CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. is an incorporated company based in Northern California that has a track record of successful marketing campaigns. CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. owns and operates several big-name niche-traffic websites.

CarlosX360 Network was started in late 2006 as a testing ground. In 2007, it launched and was met with controversy. On the flip-coin, the CarlosX360 youtube channel was launched and was met with popularity. It pivoted in 2008 via a gaming blog, the site went on to become a success story for CarlosX360 Network.

In 2009, CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. was formed at the city level. One year later, CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. was filed for state incorporation. Few months later, CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. was on an acquisition spree in which the company acquired several niche traffic gaming sites to put the company on the map. The acquisitions has put the founder's name, likeness, and reputation in front of more than 400,000 people worldwide. And that's just the beginning.

Quick Broadcast: CarlosX360 Network has moved to a new server.

CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. acquires CODForums.

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