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Welcome to the CarlosX360 Network

CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. is a media company that provides news, previews, and reviews to gamers all around the world. With 8 years of experience in brand marketing, Carlos Morales founded CarlosX360 Network in 2006 with the intention of creating an international internet icon. The entrepreneurial spirit slowly and steadily built up over the years, as Carlos looks for new opportunities, and acts on them. The problem isn't implementation, it is securing capital to move CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. in a direction that Carlos desires.

CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. strives to be a media corporation that is like none other before it. Too many video game corporations fail to use the "variety" mantra. This is a mold that CarlosX360 would like to tackle, and nuture. The company's goal isn't just to be an editorial, reviews-ridden website that focuses soley on content. The ideal company would like to deliver different content other than editorials, previews, reviews, game industry articles. The ideal company would like to deliver different types of media, everything from a message board (forums in other words), to an episodic webshow network, to an attractive iphone/ipad entertainment portal that is integrated with the rest of the network.

Our brands will be diverse. Take a look around, and see for yourself. CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. will not stop at one goal, it will have multiple goals, with multiple niche traffic.

Note: Much of this is true today (this was written in 2009), CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. does 90% Forums because it's where the company does best. However, CarlosX360 was intended to be a network of brands which is true today, but the intention is to go outside "gaming media," including directly being a game publisher/developer. And we won't stop there.

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