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CarlosX360 Mission Statement

CarlosX360's Mission is to provide a unique look into the gaming industry with an edge. The mission is to become a popular gaming website to begin with, but expand into other industries to gain world wide sensation. Ziff Davis seemed like a personal brand. They were the Donald Trump of the gaming industry.

CarlosX360 wants the same fate, with a twist. The mission is to become a legendary name, to become a mogul. Its no easy task, but the talent for creating a stir is something many has failed to do. Especially if the person behind the brand doesn't know how to balance things.

With CarlosX360, professionalism takes front seat. First and formost. CarlosX360 treats clients, partners, and friends with respect, consideration, and thought. Honesty is CarlosX360's policy.

Finally, the mission of CarlosX360 is to become a media sensation on the level of celebrities. Through making unique news posts, unbiased previews, and reviews, awesome pictures, and high quality shows akin to Area5. The mission has only just begun.

Note: This statement was written in 2009. The mission statement has since then has evolved here and there.


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