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CarlosX360's Story

Who is CarlosX360?

CarlosX360 is formerly Nintendo X, and Carlos X. He's been a prominent figure in the gaming arena for the past 7 years. In those seven years - he's been building expertise in writing, advertising (read: Product Placement), moderating, super moderating, and administrating forums.

What is CarlosX360?

Currently, it is Carlos Morales' brand. Everything is currently attached to "CarlosX360" to create brand awareness. It is also a business decision on Carlos' part to promote and elevate his personal brand. Carlos X is a world-wide name, world reowned as quoted by a few members of an entity called E-mpire, Co. Ltd.

Why CarlosX360?

Setting his sights on creating a international, internet powerhouse - he tried to merge his old name with a trend that's been bubbling for a while now. CarlosX360 was created with brand awareness in mind. One of the mistakes with "Carlos X" was that Carlos didn't know there were hundreds of others with Carlos X attached to them; the domain name was taken, the social media websites already have Carlos X taken. The same can be said for Nintendo X. It was a mistake that Carlos has learned to re-create, re-invent, and re-brand himself as a new name. Thus CarlosX360 is born.

Where was CarlosX360 created?

Right here, at home. If you want internet speak - here it is: - Carlos wanted to start with Xbox because of the Xbox Live profile system in place. He was to reserve his spot in the gaming industry by creating a controversial name, yet with a business sense of the word. From there on, he began creating CarlosX360 at every major social media website he can.

Then, when Sony introduced PSN, he wasted no time in creating CarlosX360. He begun creating brand awareness by playing online through many games - including UT3, WipeOut HD, and mostly Call of Duty 4.

When was CarlosX360 created?

When Microsoft re-launched the Xbox Live service on November 4th, 2005, Carlos wasted no time creating CarlosX360. Carlos Morales launched CarlosX360 Network on June 12th, 2006 - so this entire website has been active for the past 3 years now.

How was the idea behind CarlosX360 created?

Well, I was looking for a name that empathizes "revolution" and its the first name I thought of when I was at E32005, but it was Shigeru's words ("Revolution isn't a very inviting name") that turned me away from using it. So, I used the "360" acronym instead.

So, I hope you understand the agenda behind using CarlosX360 as my brand!

Sincerely, Carlos.
Founder, CarlosX360 Network

Note: This was written in 2009. The story remains the same.


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