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Honesty is the best policy.

While I've been in this business for many years, I am very modest. As you can see around the site, things may come off "empty" well, I only started this website a few years ago. So, of course, its going to be empty. Rome wasn't created in a day, ya know. Originally, I wanted to have a working, yet customized CMS a year ago, but it is increasingly hard to find a CMS coder these days. I wanted to have CarlosX360 built around being a news outlet for gamers in mind. Many of these news outlets have a gaming network around them.

Originality earns you points.

Into my second year, I got sick and tired of waiting for a mainpage. It inspired innovation. While in college, I started taking graphic design, and website design courses, I have found the inspiration during that time. I was surfing the net and found no other website providing the same kind of originality as my current mainpage. Many websites that have "splash" pages only say "coming soon" or something of those lines, or a logo, an image, some have both. So, how do I break that pattern to make the mainpage a little more inviting? Well, pull together your social media services onto one clever page (some sites are doing it nowdays, such as CnC187).

A unique vision of your website empowers any endeavor.

If you have a clear vision of your website from the outset, it is bound to be successful. If you strive to be successful, and have a hard time implementing your website's vision - your endeavor goes a long way from paying off ten-fold. If you plug your dream down the tubes, people start noticing and get proven wrong in the process. Do not EVER let anyone get YOU down if you want to be successful. Do not let anyone get in the way of your dreams - because then, who the hell are you? You gave up on a dream and looked back? Well, many people say; "Don't give up on a dream, until you make it."

Your dreams can change during the process of achieving it. You have an ultimate dream, and a "plan-B-ready" dream. The mainpage you see today is just that; a plan B.

Yes, this applies to any business. You heard me. A unique vision breeds success for a business or company.

Determination is essential to success.

In my 7 years of writing, posting on forums, and helping businesses grow - I have gained this knowledge. Rule #1 in success: You must be determined to rise above all the negativities, all the struggles, all the challenges. Because then, people start respecting you for your determination.

lNote: This was written in 2009, these values are still relevant.


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